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Hydralift Cranes was formed in 1994 and is based in Clayton North in Melbourne. Our proud staff of 18 have a wealth of experience of over 17 years. All of our operators and employees of our cranes, trucks and equipment are are trained and skilled in all aspects of the business.  To ensure premium levels of safety, our staff have been trained in all the relevant tickets.

Hydralift Cranes has strict and dedicated standards of business ethics. We believe in safety and efficiency at all costs without passing that cost on to you. We consistently invest in new state of the art equipment.  We specialize in

  • The hire and operation of mobile cranes
  • Franna hire and
  • Can arrange the hire of work platforms.We provide all our own transport of counterweights.

We are also proud participants in the “Crane Safe” voluntary crane assessment program. This program is supported by state trade unions, WorkCover authorities and the Crane Industry Council of Australia.

All aspects of our business are governed by ethical principles. We don’t cut costs and we don’t cut corners. Hydralift Cranes prides itself in continuously improving and providing cost-effective crane hire and operation in Melbourne without sacrificing quality.